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Here at Swift we regularly work with other companies in the construction and landscaping industry. We understand your needs and aim to work along side you at the beginning of your project to ensure it starts as you want it to go on. Take a look below and see how we can make your job easier.


A comprehensive and complete “Ready to Dig” service you can rely on, every time.

  • Have you ever analysed how much time your team spends removing trees and vegetation prior to you breaking ground and starting your build?


  • Are you aware of the amount you spend on labour, plant hire and most of all removal of bulky green waste?


  • Have you considered the Health & Safety and insurance implications of staff using chainsaws without appropriate experience, training or PPE?


All of these things add up to make the initial stages of your project time consuming, costly and potentially hazardous.

We are able to remove this difficult first step for you. Our team are experts in tree, hedge and vegetation removal. After all, it’s what we do on a daily basis, so why not give us a call and let us provide you with a free, fixed price quotation for your next project. Current clients have told us that they never realised how much of their time and money went into the initial site clearance until they had used us and seen it done efficiently by an expert team. We believe in letting each trade do what they are good at. We certainly wouldn’t attempt a complex landscaping project or a new house build, so why not let us assist you with our skills and equipment before you start yours? What we can complete and remove in just one day will astound you!


Here’s how it works!

1) We get involved at the quotation stage by providing you with a fixed price for our “Ready to Dig” package. This will usually involve a site visit to assess the work required with you and / or your client.

2) A date for the completion of the work is arranged. This is where your life becomes easier. We recommend that we go on site first, prior to your ground work starting. This need only be a matter of days before, so that your client sees a smooth transition from the site clearance to the first stage of ground work. A risk assessment and method statement will be completed at this stage prior to us starting work.

3) When we arrive on site we will treat your client as one of our own. We work using fully employed, uniformed staff (no sub contractors,) and all our own equipment. We find this is the most reliable way of ensuring our service is professional and second to none. The tree clearance phase and waste removal are all done at the same time, so no unsightly mounds of waste are created, thus keeping the job and site looking as tidy as possible for your client.

4) Once all trees, hedges and vegetation is cleared, the stump grinder moves in. This machine and a skilled operator transforms the ground and means no more roots to dig out. Roots are heavy and fill a skip with ease. The stump grinder means an end to this time consuming and expensive task.

5) The site is vacated by us and left “Ready to Dig.” We leave your job to the same standard we would leave one of our own. Neat, tidy, all waste removed and with a happy client.

Our equipment.

To enable us to offer a service of this standard we have a specific fleet of vehicles and machinery. We are able to access off road sites which many of our competitors can not. Large, small, narrow or boggy. We’ve done it all!

  • Land Rover 4×4 with winch and chip carrying tipper body.
  • Land Rover Discovery tow vehicle.
  • 3.5 tonne tipping trailer.
  • Diesel wood chipper for processing green waste into wood chip.
  • Diesel stump grinder capable of tackling any sized stump and accessing narrow back gardens.
  • New Holland 4×4 tractor with front loader for lifting timber or levelling site after stump grinding.
  • 10 tonne agricultural tipping trailer used in conjunction with the tractor for chip or timber removal.

So, why not give us a call and discuss your next job with us. We can save you money, time and hassle, and make your job run efficiently from the start.

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